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Frank Clegg - Legendary Leather Craftsman

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Marcus Troy takes us with him to Frank Clegg’s workshop as they discuss products, craftsmanship and way of life.

Interviewed by Marcus Troy
Filmed & Edited by Donny Colantonio

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The Frank Clegg X IG Ultra Slim Card Case

Give the pockets of trousers and suit jackets a rest , and stop making yourself a target for pick pockets on the subway . If you’ve been carrying around that huge billfold for so long that your physician mistakes it for  tumor your relief is here.

Famed leather maker Frank Clegg of Frank Clegg Leatherworks and Grant Harris of Image Granted, LLC have collaborated and created The Frank Clegg X IG Ultra Slim Card Case . Here are a few words from Mr. Grant Harris himself describing the attributes of the product .

“If you’re anything like me then you don’t like a bunch of junk in your pockets reminiscent of Costanza messing up the line of your outfit so Frank and I worked together to make something for the minimalist, or at least those trying to be.”

“The case is completely unlined using Frank’s storied vegetable tanned leather.  Even Frank hasn’t made something this slim in all his years of work.  There are two outside pockets and one center pocket.  It features our logos discreetly printed under one side and the customer can request his or her initials to be printed on the other.  We aimed to make something simple, affordable, and useful.  I use mine everyday.” - Grant Harris, MBA Image Granted,LLC
This card case is now available for sale on Frank Clegg Leatherworks .
D.C. King 
A Life Suited 

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The last three weeks, I’ve been working with Nike around the buildup to 8.12, a day they appropriately chose for the world to celebrate sport and make the most active day in Nike+ history. They’ve run a campaign the last few weeks called Find Your Greatness, which opens the idea that greatness is reachable, available to everyone. It inspired me to find a way to take part on 8.12, and in my own way, to find greatness.

Music:  Rad Omen - Search, Party and Destroy

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Frank Clegg Leatherworks


FRIDAY FIND | Travel has been a lot on my mind for the past couple weeks. Maybe it’s just wanderlust and spring air—-or maybe it’s the fact that I will be traveling across Europe this July and August. Well whatever the cause, I can’t help thinking about luggage. Because for any type of travel, a good piece or two of luggage is a necessity. But why the abundance of big, chunky, plastic looking tombs-on-wheels? Do the designers and manufacturers not realize that a piece of luggage is supposed to compliment and complete your wardrobe, not the other way around? What happened to style, grace, and sophistication when it comes to modern luggage? To answer my own question, I have no idea. But that doesn’t mean we have to conform to the accepted and buy what’s readily available in any department store or even Wal-Mart. And that’s why I’m so happy to introduce to you Frank Clegg Leatherworks, skillfully hand-crafted in Massachusetts since 1970. I especially would like to introduce Frank Clegg’s Signature Travel Duffle. Available in seven different leather colors (and carryon size!), this duffle is truly a work of art. This is not your regular duffle. Nor is it your standard, piece of junk luggage. This is your accessory, your focal point, or your bag to let everyone know just how vogue you really are. I don’t know about you, but I see myself in Florence with an oversize blue striped chiffon top, off-white linen pants (rolled up a little, of course), a nude pump, and my tan leather duffle hanging off an arm. Who knows—-I might just have my hair down and a pair of Audrey Hepburn sunglasses on. You never know. Lot’s of Christ’s Love. xoxo ~KILLEEN BRONWYN

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Frank Clegg Leatherworks Aiden Bag

Fall River, MA is an old textile community that has had its share of ups and downs but modern day businesses like Frank Clegg Leatherworks – themselves around for decades – continues to share with the world their quality products in the world of leather goods. Their Aiden bag is strong look in collection and is a piece dedicated by Frank Clegg himself to his father – himself a craftsmen in the workshop for more than two decades. A full RIRI zipper extends the length of the bag. Brass details finish it off nicely. An exceptional bag made in Massachusetts.

(Source: akingswayoflife)

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This week I teamed up with American designer Frank Clegg to bring all my readers a really great wallet giveaway. Frank Clegg’s quality leather products are made in Frank’s Fall River, Massachusetts workshop by a team of incredibly skilled individuals. The winner of Frank Clegg’s signature ladies wallet will speak with Frank to customize the wallet to their liking. The winner will be picked at random and announced on May 20. To enter, you must:

Good luck!